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God, I hate sleeping. Have I mentioned how much I hate sleeping? I always get nightmares when I sleep too much (defined, apparently, as anything above 7 hours a night), and considering that I've been unconscious for so much of this week, it's probably no surprise at all that I woke up screaming last night. (Just one time out of six. Or eight. It's alright, really).

I was trying out a tactic to see if it would stop someone from killing me painfully. Don't judge.

Anyway, new fic babble time!

Armageddon's Children is brought to you by... procrastination. I'm trying to update A Season Out of Time and White Knights, which means that I'm not getting either written.

I really don't know where this popped out of and it probably shows in the narrative (it's really not very good). The scene - which would do as a great summary too - is basically of Gregor telling Simon that he wants to create a new batch of super chip-enhanced soldiers, and the screaming match that ensues. (There wasn't much screaming, in the end. Simon just... doesn't yell at Gregor, apparently.)

My better fics start with a theme, not just an idea, usually with a bit of a moral dilemma thrown in and some kind of character development. AC is just a scene, really. Never grew beyond a scene, and my heart really wasn't into giving it a happy ending, so it's all bittersweet (and edging more to the bitter). I didn't even want to give it pretty writing (but that's apt, because it's not a pretty fic). (There was a draft that started with the usual pre-reqs of pretty fic - present tense narrative, sweeping, abstract writing, like one of those paintings in pastel that are all outlines and suggestion ... ditched it one paragraph in.)

It's actually one of those going-nowhere-fast fics which I would ordinarily note down in outline form and allow to languish and die, but oh, I haven't posted anything in so long.

Also, my appetite is gone again :|. If anyone has seen it wandering around, please direct it home.

ETA: Oh yeah! A Season Out of Time is updated too.

Date: 2014-01-04 12:38 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] philomytha
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White Knights! If you have any ideas for more of that one, I'd love to read it.

I think Armageddon's Children is just right as it is. Not all AUs need to be the whole epic story of everything, and sometimes you just need to write something down and post it to get it out of your system.


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