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Annddd instead of working on my WIPs, I end up starting a new Vorkosigan fic instead.

The one in which Miles is a 12 year old almost-teenager bordering on the cusp of rebellion, and absolutely cannot stand the way Uncle Simon keeps breathing down his neck on Security issues.

Also the one in which Simon loses it. (I've been waiting to write this for entirely too long...)

Have a completely raw and uneditted/proof-read snippet! )
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So this plot bunny/AU idea hit me (sledgehammer hard) in the middle of the work day while I was up to my eyeballs in a set of trading terms (clearly, I'm one of those people whose attention is permanently all over the map - I had this discussion with my roommate recently about how there is no way I can stop myself from checking a new email the moment it comes in, because if I know it's there, sitting unopened in my mailbox, that thought distracts me far more than Alt-Tabbing over to Outlook to take a quick glance at it, whereas she can let her emails sit and stew and apparently be none the worse for it - anyway, there I go, getting sidetracked again)

So it goes like this.

The Escobar secret was a lot darker and deeper than anyone thought )
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So, sudden crazy mad idea of (on the Vorkosigan front) -- what if Simon ended up together with Cordelia? I fully expect that Simon would get the short end of the stick, poor guy. But if there's anyone who can actually deal with getting together with the Chief of ImpSec (and keep him sane despite his job), I would place bets on Cordelia.

And while we're on the subject of crazy mad ideas, on the FF7 fandom front, a random prompt somewhere for Rufus/Aeris latched on despite my best efforts to fend it off, and then an evil enabler friend of mine went - "Tell me more."

This is how it all ends )
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Dear Aral,

Please cooperate. I'm trying to compose fic about you. Not about Simon. Not about you and Simon either. Even if he worships the ground you walk on and you just-- nevermind.

Dear Simon,

I love how many fic ideas you churn out, but like you, I'm always on duty and leisure time is the thing that happens to other people. And I already have Oathbound to work on, and that half-written thing between you and Ezar in Boundaries, and that half-written thing with you and Alys based around Mirror Dance. And that half-written thing about you and ImpSec after the Pretendership. And that half-written thing about Aral on Beta. It's only 8 days into the year, how did I end up with so many half-written things. I'm not going to start on Yet Another Thing that involves assassins and enemies and will probably top out at 50,000 words. Or that thing about you and Ivan. Or that-- nevermind.

P.S. Stop jumping every time the word "Security" comes up in my documents. It inevitably means "Collateral", not the other kind of security.

Dear Ezar,

Stop sitting in the corner and rubbing your hands and cackling with glee. Seriously.
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Given the number of recent entries, I'm practically spamming - forgive me.

So I caught MI: Ghost Protocol today. And my first thought when Jeremy Renner steps on screen is - cute. prole. puppy. Oh hi, Simon.

It really didn't hurt that the character he plays is an analyst who from all appearances could well have an eidetic memory chip.

All he needs to do is turn the glare up by a few notches...
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Last working day of the year, yes! Now if only I hadn't generated work for myself before I left office. (Now to seeing how long I can ignore the Blackberry for).

I've started reading my way through everything in the Vorkosigan fandom that I haven't read, starting with all the Ezar era fics (research, albeit extremely enjoyable research!) And wow. Dark overload.

(And why am I so tired.)
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Ok, that just took 15,000 years.

White Knights, Chapter 3 - the Vorkosigan AU in which Simon marries Alys and Ivan ends up with siblings. And family trouble.
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New fic! I'm not sure whether anyone here reads Vorkosigan saga fics, but if you do, there's something over here by me.

...The official summary for that one is the AU where Ezar Vorbarra raises Gregor to adulthood. Somewhere along the line, it became the fic in which Gregor Vorbarra is actually Rufus Shinra. *facepalm*

I wasn't as careful with this one as I've been with my fics lately, so there are probably errors and the writing isn't as tight as, say, Attributes of Instinct, but my excuse for that is that it's actually a proto-fic, and one day I will do a much longer, much more elaborate piece on the theme. I think. I hope. *adds it to the queue*


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