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Still coughing up a lung, though thankfully it's turned into a dry cough, and my ribs don't hurt quite as much any more. It's a bit ridiculous when I go riding, because my throat can barely take any form of heavy breathing, and I sound like I'm dying when I'm hunched over hacking like the world's going to end. For my own sanity, and because age is catching up with me and I'm starting to realise that you don't actually have to subject yourself to incredible amounts of pain and suffering in the name of self-improvement, I've opted to stop riding the laziest beast in the stables (and torturing my pronounced lack of stamina, which has only become even more pronounced after falling sick) and to stick to riding the most explosive one (who just tortures my lack of riding ability).

And on the fic front! Something a bit different from all the angst and political intrigue I've been writing recently - Unrequited Vor Pining is a random scribble fic (I love those) that emerged from a general want to write Simon fluff. The title's a play on the phrase 'unrequited prole pining' (from Memory). Probably terribly OOC, more than slightly cracky.

The fluff itch isn't entirely scratched, it seems. I think after I'm done beating him up in A Season out of Time I might need to write copious amounts of Simon/Alys fluff.

Oh, and the comment about my ribs not hurting so much any more might have been a little premature.

A bit of rambling about Simon's canon characterisation )
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What can I say? I was bored and I'd temporarily exhausted my productivity on A Season Out of Time.

White Knights Chapter 5 is a little bit of an interlude, and I think it's pretty obvious where the next chapter's heading. And if you're watching the timelines carefully [1], you might note that this takes place before Miles' death, so no cryofrozen Miles, no seizures, no falsified report, yay!

[1] I wish I had an eidetic memory chip to keep track. My outline is literally written like a timeline, with Ivan's age instead of year dates. And every one of my draft chapters has the kids' ages written on top to help me keep track. And I still get it wrong!

I'd also forgotten how very tragic the entire story is for Simon, until I popped briefly into his head for a scene. Can you say crushing despair? I'm going to need to write him a happy coda.

A bit of history - White Knights was the third thing I wrote for the fandom, so this update is only 5000 years overdue. (I feel like I've written hundreds of fics for this fandom, so why do I only have 13 or so up on AO3?) The second thing I wrote for the fandom is also incomplete, and I'm getting a nagging sense of wanting to go back and re-visit it. First things first - final chapter for Knights, and at least 3 more chapters for Season. Discipline, I need it.

[ETA: Oh, it's the fourth thing, not the third, because there was a fic I forgot about. *horrified look* It's like forgetting about a child. I'm going to have to move the old stuff posted on LJ over to AO3.]

Clearly being stuck at home while sick has been good for my productivity. I have another standalone fic written and ready to go, and I got two chapters on Season done, giving me a relatively comfortable three chapter buffer between what's been posted and what I have (but not quite, because Chapter 7 was written while on drugs, and needs quite a bit of work).


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