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So, sudden crazy mad idea of (on the Vorkosigan front) -- what if Simon ended up together with Cordelia? I fully expect that Simon would get the short end of the stick, poor guy. But if there's anyone who can actually deal with getting together with the Chief of ImpSec (and keep him sane despite his job), I would place bets on Cordelia.

And while we're on the subject of crazy mad ideas, on the FF7 fandom front, a random prompt somewhere for Rufus/Aeris latched on despite my best efforts to fend it off, and then an evil enabler friend of mine went - "Tell me more."

This is how it all ends )
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And this is why I can never finish any long fic I start:

Lazard not-so-Shinra vs Rufus Shinra is starting to sound like a wonderful idea.

Rufus and Elfe teaming up to be eco-terrorists taking over the world sounds like a fantastic idea.

Tseng being caught in the middle of it, with Veld being Enigmatic about the whole thing (you know, the typical wise sage who says "I can't give you the answers - they lie buried within your soul; now take a spoon and go dig them out yourself") sounds like something I want to write right now.

With emphasis.

And I have just the right partially written AU fic for it too.
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Arc 1 of New Fic is done, six chapters, 49,190 words! Draft is still in beta (thanks, Midgar Zolom), and will likely need a few more rounds of vetting and minor editing before it can stand up to the light of day, but it's done. (And in 30 days too, I believe. And with going back to edit multiple times.)

I wonder if it's longer than the original Empire yet...

49k in 30 days. Holy hell, work has done amazing things for my focus.
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Dear Tseng and Tifa,

My chapter notes said "brief dialogue". They did not say "eight thousand words of both of you going way out of control and talking half the house down in dramatic fashion". Not that I mind the fact that both of you have minds of your own, but some forewarning would be nice.

Also, please stop getting along quite so well when you're supposed to be at each other's throats.

Also, this was supposed to be a chapter about Cloud.

It used to be only Rufus who blindsided me. The three of you together are unholy terrors.


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