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Just a couple of these things, & it pays for itself. For example, the Fiction River anthology alone [nearly 800 pages!] is 8.00 on Kindle. The Uncollected Anthology Year One [490 pages] is only available as a $24 paperback. Afaik, this is the only e-book edition. The Grayson trilogy is excellent, romance-with-woo-woo fun; the Rusch Diving series has great buzz. The Faerie Summer is a 20-book e-book set.

Throw in the others, & that's a lot at an excellent deal. Squee!

filkferengi, off to buy it now

What's in a name?

Jul. 19th, 2017 12:19 am[personal profile] unnique
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Years and years and more years reading fanfic. All the porn. Or pr0n, as it was called back in the day. And I still can't get used to how they keep saying their partners' names during the act. Repeatedly. Like it's some sort of sex mantra. It's weird, is what it is! @_@

Many visitors

Jul. 18th, 2017 11:52 am[personal profile] unnique
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This summer I am getting all the visits! Cousins and cousin's exes and old old friends and my mom! Okay, so mom visits every summer, but the others not so much. It's lovely to get all these guests, but also a wee shock to my introvert hermit's system. The cats love it, begging for snacks and affections shamelessly. They get the latter, but not the former on account of vet's orders. Poor sods.

The annual St Olav festival is soon upon us, I should get moving on the ticket purchases. Am feeling lazy, though. Tomorrow. Maybe.

The new Spiderman movie is glorious. I have now seen it three times at the cinema, and it was worth all those three times. It brought the fun and laughs back to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), something it desperately needed after Captain America: Civil War kinda broke the Avengers. (Like the Hulk kinda broke Harlem.) The new Spiderman is so precious. A 15 year old kid, not elegant, not smooth, zero game, utter dork and super sweet. I just want to put him in my pocket, take him home and feed him. The interaction with Tony Stark is also great, and I am very much relieved that it was just enough, not too much. This is Spiderman's movie, after all. And the bad guy, Michael Keaton, oh my word. Fantastic! He's becoming more and more Jack Nicholson-like, in a very good way. The Vulture is a bad guy we can understand and sympathise with, unlike Ultron and Thanos and Red Skull and such. The Vulture is an unpowered human with a very honest grudge, a real background; like the Kindpin from the Daredevil TV series - but more likeable! There are of course also a ton of candy for the fans. I don't follow the comics, but I have seen all the movies and TV series since 2008. And I have read metric craptonnes of fanfic. So yes, I get to notice lovely little non-plotty fan candies, like Principal M*****. ♥

Fic: Best Toy Ever

Jul. 12th, 2017 10:19 am[personal profile] philomytha
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I wrote something! Looking at AO3, this is the first non-exchange fic I've posted since November 2014. And with all those bingo cards, instead I write a fic that has nothing to do with any of the prompts and is instead entirely the fault of both of my boys. But hey, I wrote something, even if it is fluffy silliness about a broken toy :-D

Title: Best Toy Ever
Summary: "ImpSec is my ... intelligence utility." - Miles, in Diplomatic Immunity.
Five-year-old Miles makes use of some ImpSec assets.

Best Toy Ever )

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Jul. 11th, 2017 05:02 pm[personal profile] synecdochic
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holy shit

Last night I was like, nah, you're seeing things, wishful thinking, etc, but after treatment #2? The cords really ARE shrinking, dramatically so.

"Stops progressing" would have been a good outcome. Actual reversal happens in a minority of cases, almost always in patients who treat it very early. I'm SO FUCKING GLAD I insisted on going as aggressive as possible. Even if I wind up with more chronic pain out of it, I'll keep use of my hands for a fuck of a lot longer, thank ANYTHING THAT WAS LISTENING

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Jul. 11th, 2017 01:25 am[personal profile] synecdochic
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First dose of radiation done, out of five (once per day this week). Aside from 20 minutes of "shitting cockgoblin fuckmuppet" pain levels just now, which did die down to just a slightly elevated from normal "ow ow ow ow ow", it was fairly uneventful! Holding the position required for the treatment is worse than the actual treatment, which is basically "the machine goes click whirr for 45 seconds".

So curious to see what happens in six weeks. The way this works, you see, is by activating all the dormant spots so the second round can nuke them in 12 weeks...
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Writing progress is - well, I'd call it glacial, but I hear glaciers are going quite rapidly these days. In the hope of inspiring myself, I've been collecting bingo cards and I'm putting them all here. If anyone has any particular requests or suggestions for any of the prompts, feel free :-)

gen bingo, h/c bingo and trope bingo )

Cat back to normal!

Jul. 7th, 2017 12:32 pm[personal profile] unnique
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It took a week from the vet visit until Laban was back to his normal self again. It has now been two weeks since the vetting (har!) and all is well. Except his food. His food is still the special good for little kidneys and livers and hearts food, which means it's low on salt and some other stuff, has special proteins in it, and probably tastes bland as hell. Laban is not impressed and desperate for salt. Which he ain't getting. The vet was very firm on the "only the special food, NO SNACKS!" order. Sorry, pal.

I am very much relieved, though. Am thinking I'll take him back for a new round of tests at the end of the month, when my vacation starts. Get his liver values/indicators/whatever they're called in English checked. If good, maybe vet will let him have some "good" food, too. Maybe.

Went to an outdoor gig last Sunday, with two visiting cousins (one from mum's side, the other from dad's side). It was good. Very, very good. But I guess the 10 000 strong audience was kinda small compared to the one at Woodstock... The artist was John Fogerty, of Creedence Cleerwater Revival fame. At 72, he still rocks like a rocking thing. And we got all the old classics! His band rocks. His sons (one of whom is IN the touring band now, the other does a quick duet) rocks. And the sheep on the hill at the outdoor museum where the gig was held, rock. I mean, seriously. They posed! In stark profile against the blue evening sky. And gazed down upon us mere mortals. Even impressed Fogerty himself; "Damn, he likes rock'n'roll!!" quoth he. (Though technically, it was a she-sheep. The rams don't get to join the flock.)

Today is Friday. The weather is lovely, and we've not had much of that so far. Work morale is very low. Am counting hours and minutes until I can go home.
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