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You know - you always read in fiction that a character wakes up after getting knocked on the head to hear someone groaning, and realizing that it's them a moment later? Ever wonder if that actually happens in real life? Now I can vouch that it does.

So the circuit breaker trips at 5am. I get up to reset it. The next moment someone is saying ow ow ow wtf and there's a blazing pain in my head, and it literally takes me a few seconds to realise that (a) I'm on the floor and (b) I've whacked my head against the wall, and (c) wait, wasn't I resetting that circuit breaker? What am I doing on the floor?

5am. Public holiday. And it hurts too bloody much to go back to sleep. So I'm sitting here in a sulk.

(No sign of concussion fortunately. But owwww)
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You know the old adage of - write about what you know?

People who use fanfic as a platform to render some half-baked, one-sided version of the Evolution-ID-Creation debate annoy me so much, especially when it's obvious that they have no idea what they're talking about. Evolution doesn't equate with the Grand Theory of Evolution. (That's like saying an electrical circuit is the same thing as a computer.) Intelligent Design isn't the same as Creationism. Creationism and the GTE are both theories, both of which have scientific evidence in their favour (or disfavour). The question isn't then, philosophy vs science, but evidence vs evidence.

And fanfic isn't your platform to advance your agenda. And it really doesn't make you look smart. No, really.

Same rant goes for every other debate, but this one has the biggest tendency to tick me off, because of its amazing tendency to get so incredibly myopic, which is an absolute insult to advocates on every side of the debate. In its basest form, it's knocking Evolutionists for claiming that we're descended from apes, knocking IDs for being fluffy indecisive people who can't make up their minds, and knocking Creationists for being religious fanatics living in the dark ages and propagating myths. The worst part is, people seem to think that this shallowness is completely acceptable.

In other news, my physical and mental health have improved dramatically after three weeks of the new posting, enough to make me realise what a truly horrific amount of stress I was putting myself through over the past two years. Should have seen the signs, really. I mean, by the end of it even my digestive system had shut down and I was on one meal a day. And thinking it was normal.
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*Tries for the 10th Doctor's hair*

*ends up with 11th's hair*

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Let's break for a moment to talk about how my neck/shoulder is absolutely killing me.

I don't think the pain is any worse than it was 3 days ago, but there's something about the way I finally find a way to sit where it stops hurting, and then the next moment it's all stabbity die again.

ALSO the official DW 50th Anniversary poster. I don't think I've ever been so excited about a poster.
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So I adore David Tennant.

And I apparently adore the character type of the young brilliant blond morally-ambiguous heir-to-the-throne with daddy issues and just a bit of psycho on the side. (Hello Rufus). Through in a side of absolute devotion whatever cause they've put their lot behind and put them through hell and I'm instantly hooked.

So of course I would end up with a fixation on Barty Crouch Jr. Hello HP fandom. After I avoided you for close to a decade. By the time I got to the incarceration-without-due-process part of his history, I was writing fic in my head.

Also, along the same vein of how I end up in fandoms years too late and miss all the boats, my life might have been very different if I had just read one more HP book instead of stopping at book 3 and giving up on the series.

I'm too embarrassed to even have a HP tag on this thing.

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Woohoo, new Vorkosigo fic.

Beyond Reach - for avanti_90's Aral/Kareen fic. Set post-Escobar. Set so full of wangst that I want to put a wangst warning on it.

Man, the last time I posted fic was on the last day of July. August was hell in every conceivable way. Let's not do that again. (So ill on every level. Ruddy exhausted. I don't bounce back the way I used to, 10 years ago.)
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I should be working on a massive opinion so that I can go to bed at some point tonight, and instead I spent half an hour matching pictures to one of my OCs (in chronological order, no less) so I can visualise him better throughout the years.
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I'm seeing a lot of "don't hate on the new Doctor" posts on tumblr. The sheer irony of it is that I'm seeing way more of these posts than any of the alleged hating posts. Whovians, you're adorable.

Personally, I'm absurdly excited over 12 (although I wish it didn't involve 11's departure. I haven't even managed to bring myself to watch 10's final episodes. Journey's End was bad enough; The End of Time is probably going to kill me.) But 12 looks like a brilliant casting choice, and I can't wait for the new season.

ETA: Oh, and. If there isn't a 'still not ginger' joke in 12's first episode, I will be so very sad.
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Trying to stick to a one-chapter-per-fortnight schedule for A Season Out of Time (there may be a break when I post the ficathon fill though). Wish me luck! [Chapter 3]

Also, it was really just a matter of time, but the massive Doctor Who plotbunny just bit me. I am not even vaguely surprised.

In other news, my asthma meds are not working. I'm up to my eyeballs with double shots of steroids and anti-histamines 3x a day, and I'm not sure which is worse - not being able to breathe or not being able to think. I'm also pretty sure you're not supposed to get addicted to ventolin[1], so what is it with the damn withdrawal symptoms?

[1] Then again, you're also not supposed to get tanked on anti-histamines either..

Oh, and oh yes: I realised today why 'Pacific Rim' keeps sounding so familiar. It's the name of a case. Contract law. Job hazards.
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Is that a prompt claim I see for one of my Bujold Ficathon prompts? Woohoo!

(Absurdly excited. It feels like I haven't had a fill in years. Probably gross exaggeration, but!)

Working on a fill. 70% done. Also absurdly exciting.

(Doctor Who 50th anniversary will be broadcast at the same time it's slated to air in the UK in (apparently) 200 countries* . This is so absurdly exciting that it breaks the scale.)

* (some people have raised the point that there are (apparently) only 196 countries in the world).

On the DW note, Stolen Earth / Journey's End have now joined Silence in the Library / Forest of the Damned as my favourite episodes, which, together with the Partners in Crime (aka the Adipose episode), means that Season 4 is now the best thing since sliced bread. And here I always thought my favourite new Who season would be Season 2...
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Still drawing a blank at the Bujold Ficathon prompt list. Come on brain, I know you're in there somewhere! Just one small cracky fic? No?
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Oh this burn out thing is really a bit tragic...

The first parts of the Massive Vorkosigan AU of doom have been posted.

Work's a bit better, and my head will hopefully follow, and maybe I won't have lost another 3 months of my life the next time I turn around.
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I get back to work on E Tenebris after 6 months and the first thing I do is have Aral break Simon's ribs.


I'm incorrigible.
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Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today.
Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all.
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David Tennant is going to be the death of me.

I've been avoiding watching his last few episodes on Doctor Who, because teh feels, I cannot.

So I watch the Christmas special for season 3, thinking Christmas specials ought to be happy and brainless and - everyone dies. Heart. Ripped. Out.

So I watch Casanova instead, which promises to be brain-dribblingly stupid and retarded and funny. And for the first hour, yes, it's Tennant being gorgeously ridiculous. AND THEN.

It rips my heart out.

/face in hands.

David, why can't you have nice things.

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Hello guys!

Still alive, and I really wanted to get around to responding to comments to the last post, but work ate me alive - until last night, I hadn't slept in three or four weeks so much as setting the alarm for a 3, 4 hour-long nap each night (and the big huge difference between that and actually going to bed, honest-to-God going to sleep is that when you nap, you never really put things down, and the fact that I kept waking up before my alarm went off probably just goes to prove that).

Did you know that when you've been running on fumes for too long, you actually get blanks in your consciousness when you turn your head too quickly? (And my temper when I'm that tired - let's just say that "whiting out with rage" can actually be literal.)

I finally got 8 hours of sleep last night. My subconscious had such a field day. The dream symbolism couldn't have been more obvious if it smacked me in the face with a frying pan.

Anyway, shortish note to say that I'm still breathing, still stupidly in love with the Tenth Doctor, and sleep is the most amazing thing in the universe. Pretty much.
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I finally get why people use exercise mats - I mistimed a burpee (ok, so something gave out on me) and nearly smashed my face into the floor, woo!

(More bruises to add to the line already all the way down my shins, but didn't break my wrists - yay!)

(Work's been busy. More later.)
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/smashes face into Doctor Who episodes until saturation point.

I have never, ever seen a work week go to hell in a handbasket so quickly and so dramatically in my life. One, Short week, thanks to a public holiday, which means accelerated timelines on everything; two, boss giving out work like it was Christmas at the start of the week (work levels going from slow and steady to my inbox becoming a sea of red flags in the span of ten minutes); three, financial year end for most of my clients meaning the admin was endless; four, the nice trainwreck effects of two distinct viral infections less than a week apart; five, perfect storm of every single dormant file going supernova at the same time.

I am actually in shock. And have been for the past two days.

Maundy Thursday isn't always bad, but when it is, it's spectacular.
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Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Clearly.

Doctor Who babble )

I'm having the weirdest illness ever. A cold showed up last week, just the cold and the feeling of being hit by a truck, no other symptoms. I might have mentioned it.

The sorethroat turns up a week later. Just the sorethroat (and a little bit of the feeling of being hit by a truck). Absolutely no other symptoms. This is completely abnormal for me (and rather inefficient, I must say).

I think suspect one or the other accidentally fell into a time vortex.
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