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Oh good lord.

I started RPing the Eleventh Doctor, then the sneaky bugger ran off with my heart (cackling all the way). Cue slippery slope. I started looking for Eleven pics, progressed to reading Eleven fic, and now my brain wants me to write Eleven fic. My love for the Doctors is all over the map and completely wibbly wobbly, and I suppose it would be completely apt if my first fic for this fandom turns out to be for my first Doctor and not the one I expected it to be for.

All this timey-wimey. Seriously!

It's incredibly difficult to keep the Tenth and the Eleventh separate in my head, especially since I now RP both of them. It actually gets to the point where my mental image of them gets superimposed at the oddest of times (like seeing Ten, when I'm recalling a scene from one of Eleven's episodes, or vice versa). For a person who never had problems swapping between a massive multitude of characters before, I now have to forcibly engage different sub-routines when I swap between Doctors, and load up entire protocols in my head of "This is a Ten behaviour, that is an Eleven behaviour, and for God's sake make sure you keep subvocalising their voices, because otherwise their speech patterns are going to bleed into each other's..." Clearly, my brain has no problems with seeing them as the same Doctor (always).

(I haven't forgotten the fact that I'm supposed to finish my Vorkosigan stuff first. Where is my sense of responsibility when I need it?)

Date: 2014-02-02 11:25 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] i_am_zan
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If there is 11th Doctor fic to be had ... written by your dear self!!! I. AM. SO. THERE!!! (Personal wondering about how heart breaky achey it might be... and will it make me go all wibbly wobbly!

That aside .... Happy New Year and may it be full of ficcing and fun stuff, in amongst the madness of your work!

And OMG HAVE YOU SEEN HOW AMAZING PETER CAPALDI LOOKS!!! Shirt, waistcoat, coat and .... wheeeee DOC MARTEN'S!!!! I cannot wait for these to come out!

Hope to see you some time. Whenever you feel like it, just text or whatever ok. It's usually easier for me to work round your schedules that way.

Love and hugs. Timey- wimey and wibbly wobbly style!

Date: 2014-02-05 01:18 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] i_am_zan
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Sorry to reply so late ... I have been flu-ey and achey and brain all fuzzy for a few days. My nose is dry and feels like sand paper from having a runny nose and everything still sounds like I'm underwater. Still I'm on the mend ... yes. Hmmm yes weekends still are good for me ... the 15th/16th Feb is ok I guess. If that is too short notice .... let's see, wedding on the 22nd, Dad's Birthday on the 1st March, what about the weekend after that? 6/7 March?

Can you believe we're nearly a quarter of the way through the year???? This timey wimey stuff is all going a-wibbling and a-wobbling waaaaay too fast!!!!

*goes back to bed to sleep some more*

Lots of feeble hugs - 'cos that's all I can manage. Ugh!


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