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Still coughing up a lung, though thankfully it's turned into a dry cough, and my ribs don't hurt quite as much any more. It's a bit ridiculous when I go riding, because my throat can barely take any form of heavy breathing, and I sound like I'm dying when I'm hunched over hacking like the world's going to end. For my own sanity, and because age is catching up with me and I'm starting to realise that you don't actually have to subject yourself to incredible amounts of pain and suffering in the name of self-improvement, I've opted to stop riding the laziest beast in the stables (and torturing my pronounced lack of stamina, which has only become even more pronounced after falling sick) and to stick to riding the most explosive one (who just tortures my lack of riding ability).

And on the fic front! Something a bit different from all the angst and political intrigue I've been writing recently - Unrequited Vor Pining is a random scribble fic (I love those) that emerged from a general want to write Simon fluff. The title's a play on the phrase 'unrequited prole pining' (from Memory). Probably terribly OOC, more than slightly cracky.

The fluff itch isn't entirely scratched, it seems. I think after I'm done beating him up in A Season out of Time I might need to write copious amounts of Simon/Alys fluff.

Oh, and the comment about my ribs not hurting so much any more might have been a little premature.

I re-read Barrayar this evening to try and tease out more detail about the politics during the Regency era. There's remarkably little of it, but I've found a surprising amount of canon detail to suggest that Cordelia's mere presence played a very substantial role in Barrayar not falling apart after Ezar's death. There's also a surprising amount of detail on Vortala's political views, policies and effectiveness, all of which is brilliant, and it belatedly occurs to me that re-reading the entire book for the purpose of finding a few lines in order to substantiate the detail in a single paragraph in an AU is ... all rather lawyerly. Job hazards.

The thing that struck me, though, is how quickly Simon goes from the slightly robotic yes sir/nossir subordinate in Shards into something much closer to the confident ImpSec Chief of later books. It's a bit back and forth, really - he has a strong scene when he's discussing the attack on Kou and Bothari, where he gets through the entire thing without a single 'sir' at Aral, then he promptly falls back into old patterns in later scenes. Could be a case of shaken confidence due to the soltoxin attack, but eh, it screams to me that there's an entire story there waiting to be told.

The other thing is how Simon is actually described as one of Negri's top staffers, and often mentioned in the same breath as Negri, as though he's Negri's second in command. Given that he's thirty, and a relatively junior officer at that, it all seems rather unlikely - surely there had to be any number of more experienced officers in the chain. Unless Simon was handpicked and truly being groomed by Negri, even from that very tender age, which is making me lean towards a personal head canon of Negri picking out Simon right from the start, then pushing him for the chip installation (my head canon to date has always been that Simon was just one of many random volunteers), then the Escobar mission, and having an eye on him as way more than a vid recorder.

Another story screaming to be written. Oh, so many things.

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OOC crack maybe, but it made me laugh so much! Scribblefics are the best. And yes, you need a balance between fluffy happiness and tearing out the poor guy's soul with a toothpick.

I was always fascinated with Simon's bit in Barrayar when they're discussing Kou and Bothari's little adventure too - he's so forthright and confident there, compared to the boy in Shards. He's very confident with Cordelia too, after the sonic grenade - I love their scenes together. And I'm always sad that we didn't get his story of his adventures in the capital before Cordelia comes in and interrupts him. For some reason I've never had a workable plot bunny for that story, but there is a fun Russian fic that I've struggled my way through with Google translate.

Date: 2014-01-12 01:35 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] philomytha
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It's here:
(I found it helped to know that there's a lot of hallucinations involved.)

And hurrah for the writing bug! Mine has been all in other fandoms lately, but it's so much fun when you just get an idea all complete.


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