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What can I say? I was bored and I'd temporarily exhausted my productivity on A Season Out of Time.

White Knights Chapter 5 is a little bit of an interlude, and I think it's pretty obvious where the next chapter's heading. And if you're watching the timelines carefully [1], you might note that this takes place before Miles' death, so no cryofrozen Miles, no seizures, no falsified report, yay!

[1] I wish I had an eidetic memory chip to keep track. My outline is literally written like a timeline, with Ivan's age instead of year dates. And every one of my draft chapters has the kids' ages written on top to help me keep track. And I still get it wrong!

I'd also forgotten how very tragic the entire story is for Simon, until I popped briefly into his head for a scene. Can you say crushing despair? I'm going to need to write him a happy coda.

A bit of history - White Knights was the third thing I wrote for the fandom, so this update is only 5000 years overdue. (I feel like I've written hundreds of fics for this fandom, so why do I only have 13 or so up on AO3?) The second thing I wrote for the fandom is also incomplete, and I'm getting a nagging sense of wanting to go back and re-visit it. First things first - final chapter for Knights, and at least 3 more chapters for Season. Discipline, I need it.

[ETA: Oh, it's the fourth thing, not the third, because there was a fic I forgot about. *horrified look* It's like forgetting about a child. I'm going to have to move the old stuff posted on LJ over to AO3.]

Clearly being stuck at home while sick has been good for my productivity. I have another standalone fic written and ready to go, and I got two chapters on Season done, giving me a relatively comfortable three chapter buffer between what's been posted and what I have (but not quite, because Chapter 7 was written while on drugs, and needs quite a bit of work).
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