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Merry Christmas, folks!

I spent the first three hours of it farming for crafting materials with a vengeance in GW2 - after being outraged that I couldn't find much in the way of gold ore in the first few maps I tried, I went on a rampage through about three four other maps zealously mining all the platinum... Yes, I'm perfectly normal, whatever are you talking about?

Sleep, church, more sleep, and then writing, woo.

I put up Chapter 4 of A Season out of Time (aka the Vorkosigan AU where Cordelia is the most important person in the universe and doesn't return to Barrayar, oops). Chapter 3 was a really bad place to stop, honestly. I could have at least gotten off my arse and posted chapters 4 and 5, which would at least have brought us to end of Part I and given everyone a bit of closure, but no, I failboated, as usual.

Oh, but all the swearing. (In my other WIPs, not this one - Illyan is a terribly polite muse). Clearly becoming a Whovian has cleaned up my language. And changed my perspective on some things, like - like Escobar. (Oh hey, Doctor Who / Vorkosigan cross-over and blowing up Gallifrey, anyone?)


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