Jun. 28th, 2015

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White Knights Final Chapter Progress Chart - 5k words. Estimated at 50% completion.

After three years of struggling with details of the plot and how I'm supposed to get it to work, I finally (in response to a request sent to my tumblr) took the plunge and just leapt in, and the plot began miraculously writing itself. It's an amazing ride, because I don't know what's happening next either, and things are slotting into place much more naturally and beautifully than they ever did in any of my previous outlines.

The difficulty with writing an AU to Memory is, of course, the fact that Memory is Miles' story, and White Knights is distinctly not a Miles story. But somehow it's all worked out, and I know how this is going to happen, and all the amazing moments of poignant dialogue are simply popping up like mushrooms.

I'm terribly excited about this chapter, but unfortunately the weekend is over and I do need to get work done...

Random thing about coming back to the Vorkosigo verse after having my entire worldview on gender and sexuality and sexism upended and shaken and thrown into a supernova, is that the very, very traditional gender-role construct in Barrayaran society really grates and it feels thoroughly odd writing it. (It's also very strange writing for characters who don't have the Doctor's hero complex).


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