Sep. 1st, 2014

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... Is it September already? Which means the last time I felt normal was five months ago? Time does fly, even when you're not having fun...

I might have mentioned that I have this idea for the epic 11th Doctor fic of doom. Thing is, even before the 11th Doctor fic of doom was a gleam in my eye, there was a very rough prototype for the 10th Doctor's fic of doom, that I really wasn't happy with and which really never took off. I've come up with a bunch of random fic ideas which are all tying together pretty spectacularly for that. It's like the fix-it fic of doom. Starring Ten, Ten 2, Martha, Donna, and Rose.

- The very long conversation between Ten and Martha that they really needed to have and really should have had, and which I am doing solely because I need to do a fix-it or I will go on disliking Martha forever.

- The fix-it for Donna, naturally.

- My rather secret OTP of Ten2 and Donna, because I just re-watched Journey's End, and have you seen the way Ten2 smiles at Donna? It's like she lights up his life entirely. (Ten2 is adorable, and so very different from dark!moody!Ten at that point that it's mind-boggling).

- The fix-it between Ten and Ten 2.

- The fix-it for Ten, goddamnit. Because that's what the fic was always supposed to be.

- The fix-it for Waters of Mars, because I love the concept but the execution absolutely did not cut it for me - and I totally want to write the Time Lord Victorious angle.

This being me, it naturally means that I'm going to break all the players before they get their fix-it. And possibly the rest of the universe as well. Should be tons of fun.


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