Mar. 30th, 2014

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Wow, it's been a while since I dropped in.

I can't quite believe it's almost April. The last three months of last year took forever, where did the first three of this year go?

RL stuff:
Somewhere in the interim I ran off to Kangaroo Land and came back, my horse's recovery is going spectacularly and the trust between us is unbelievable (I swear this is like, the biggest, sappiest love story there is, with all those elements of fighting the good fight unless you're convinced that everything is utterly lost, ... then a miracle happens at the last possible minute. And everything after that is so utterly amazing that it complete surpasses your wildest dreams.)

...I finished a level in Candy Crush that I'd been stuck on for ... probably half a year. Hooray? (I should probably say "Left alone" rather than "Stuck" - because I honestly(!) seriously(!) wasn't going to touch the app again - until a friend asked me to send her a ticket. This is why social networking is evil. Thing about Candy Crush - I have seen the future (level 400 plus) and it is terrifying. *bites fingernails*)

Life is complicated, but continues to be good. Heck, my recovery is probably going spectacularly. (Sometimes I wonder - am I destined to constantly get into stupidly complicated situations because I'd get bored if my life was too easy? My biggest fear when I was young was being mediocre and mundane; now I realise I've taken the Road Less Taken a bit too well, and it feels like a dose of normality would be nice. Be careful what you ask for?)

...I also turned thirty, at some point. On the bright side, I don't think I qualify as a mature and responsible adult yet. (Close thing, though. For a brief moment there I actually felt the urge to do stuff like get a mortgage. *shudder*)

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